8 Safety Tips When Handling Heavy Machinery

Western Australia is considered the largest resources export hub within Australia, exporting over 50 different minerals from over 1,000 mine sites across the state. Working heavily within the mining and earthmoving industry, at Contatore Engineering we provide various heavy machinery products for miners to complete their daily tasks.

When operating any type of machinery there is a risk, even the most experienced operators can fall victim to an equipment-related incident. However, we have developed a checklist of safe work practices to help prevent and limit an equipment related incident from occurring on-site.


  1. Always ensure high-visibility clothing and safe work wear e.g. steel-toed boots are worn onsite when operating or around heavy machinery.
  2. Ensure machine operators are adequately trained and have been provided any up-to-date training pertaining to the equipment being used.
  3. Always be alert! Ensure you know your machine’s blind spots whether you are working in or around the machine.
  4. Never surpass the machines load carry limit/working load limit.
  5. If you are required to be in the machine, safely climb on and off, always maintaining three points of contact with the machine. Wear a seat belt at all times when operating, as this is a major factor for injuries on mine sites.
  6. Always complete a thorough walk around the equipment to see if any objects are obstructing the machine from working safely.
  7. Always load and unload equipment on level ground.
  8. Always park on level ground and relieve hydraulic pressure controls, ensure all motions are stopped within the machine and remove the key from any unattended vehicle.

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