Cangini All Around The World

Cangini Benne, a partner of Contatore Engineering since 2016, is a global company specializing in a wide variety of attachment tools for demolition, digging, screening and recycling works.

Not only built for the tough and sometimes challenging Australian conditions; here we showcase what Cangini is achieving right around the globe.

With 1,100 dealers throughout the world, in over 40 countries, it is obvious Cangini is doing more than just a few things right.

Let’s take a look at where Cangini Attachments are being used worldwide!

ITALY (Campania): This mulcher is being used on a farm in Campania. The customer notes, "We often use it on the farm to also cut up pruning residues". The mulcher is heavy-duty and is equipped with a reinforced double frame; an anti-shock shielding protects the bearings.

Cangini the mulcher

MONT BLANC TUNNEL AREA: The brush is in action on the stone walls of the Mont Blanc tunnel area in between Italy and France. This brush is made of steel bristles and therefore ideal for the deep cleaning and weed-removal of curbs, platforms and banks, and asphalted areas.

Cangini brush

POLAND: In Poland, the Multiscreening VMS 30 is working hard. With the same bucket the operator is obtaining sieved material from 25 to 65 mm, without replacing any mechanical part or stepping out of the cab.

Cangini multi screening

FRANCE: Xplane laser blade. Everything is under control: the laser transmitter sends data to the receiver which directly drives the blade, creating an extremely precise controlled plane. You can choose to manually control the blade based on the transmitter data displayed on the screen or to work fully automatically.

Cangini blade

ITALY (ROME): Cangini’s digging bucket is being put to the test against the beautiful backdrop of Rome. Its elongated profile lets the bucket move through the ground with ease, and also prevents the ground from sticking to the bucket’s side walls. It allows for extremely efficient discharge of loamy and wet materials. Its hollow side walls help the crossing of gas and hydraulic pipes or plants, etc. The blade, the side cast cutters and side reinforcements and the rear strips are made of strong HB400 steel.

Cangini digging bucket

SPAIN: The sheep watch on as the branch cutter bar effortlessly tidies up a large overgrown tree in Spain’s countryside. Suitable for tree pruning up to 100 mm, the bar does not harm the plant, because it cuts sharply and precisely without uprooting the branch. The bar’s high quality blades in HB450 steel make the cutter powerful and much more resistant to wear.

Cangini branch cutter

As you can see, Cangini is favored worldwide by many industries and customers as the one stop shop for all attachment needs. Cangini’s trusted range of knowledge of all the different working conditions around the world, paired with the ability to ship attachments wherever they are needed, make them an easy choice for businesses and sole traders around the entire world.

Our strong, long standing partnership with Cangini Benne has allowed us to provide quality attachments such as the digging bucket (featured in Italy) to earthmoving companies across Western Australia.

All Cangini attachments are made to suit your business needs; to be the most cost effective, up to date and efficient products on the market.

At Contatore Engineering we're here to support you and guide you through the process of finding the right attachment for your earthmoving needs. Head over to our Cangini products page to discover more or get in contact with us to discuss your next Cangini attachment.