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Contatore Engineering Apprenticeship

Contatore Engineering currently has three apprentices from each workshop area; Lianne in Fitting, Jack in Machining, and Sean in Fabrication.

By Olivia Di Falco

Contatore Engineering has always prioritised learning and development at their business in Perth, Western Australia.

Sonia, our Apprentice Coordinator, notes, “We greatly value our Apprentices; people who are learning something for the first time bring eagerness and enthusiasm into our workplace, and create a positive learning environment for all staff". Contatore Engineering have supported many successful apprentices and trainees in completing their training over the years; 11 of them are still with the company today!


Lianne, our Fitting Apprentice, was drawn to fitting as he has always been interested in cars and the mechanics of them, and was keen to learn how to use lots of different tools. During his apprenticeship he is motivated to simply learn as much as he can.  Lianne is experienced at stripping and assembling, is always keen to help a colleague out and also enjoys riding motorbikes in his spare time. Lianne adds, "the most enjoyable part of my apprenticeship has been the ability to work in a team and meet good friends who I can collaborate with, I would continue my time here in the future because of the people; they always help me if I am having a hard time". Lianne prefers to learn independently; for example, having a job handed to him and explained but then left to figure it out on his own, as he believes this is the best way to learn and improve. He prefers to work on rock breakers, and enjoys going out to site. Lianne has been to a few sites with his supervisor who he notes, “Always helps me especially when I am stuck on something or not sure what to do. All I have to do is ask and he will show me the best way to do it and how... going out to site has been interesting as I have got to see the bigger machines and learn more about them!"

Contatore Engineering Lianne


Jack, our Machine Shop Apprentice, became interested in Machining from a young age, as his dad is a mechanic and they lived on a farm, so he was constantly repairing machinery and doing handy work. He stays motivated at work due to the fact that every machine is different, and that means he can always learn and evolve and figure out how a machine works. If he ever needs assistance or advice, he notes, "All the tradesman in my area have been very helpful". Jack hopes to eventually understand all the different machines and processes like second nature, and he prefers to work on the lathe. When asked his top three skills, Jack jokingly replied, “Eating lunch!" He is also good at working collaboratively and in a team. One of the most enjoyable parts of being at Contatore for Jack has been the events and barbecues we hold for the staff. Jack adds, "I've enjoyed the opportunity to work on a variety of different machinery, plant and mining equipment, and the diversity of jobs that have been presented to me.  I would look forward to a future here".

Contatore Engineering Jack


Sean, our Fabrication Shop Apprentice, was drawn to the career as his Pop was a boilermaker, and he learnt about it through ‘Career Pathways’ at school.  He has been pleasantly surprised by the large variety and scope of work that has been presented to him, as he had expected it to be far more repetitive. The most challenging aspect of his apprenticeship so far has been learning how to read and interpret drawings. Sean hopes to become an extremely skillful boilermaker, so that he can progress to a stage where he is able to figure out anything that is put in front of him, and do custom jobs. His favorite equipment type to work on are quick hitches for loaders, and making attachments such as fork frames, buckets, and crane jibs. His strengths at work are his welding, and his willingness to help out wherever he is needed. When he’s not working, Sean enjoys riding dirt bikes. The most enjoyable aspect of his time at Contatore was when he got to work on a one of a kind new project that had not been done before. Sean notes, "I have really enjoyed my time at Contatore Engineering and have loved the variety of work that comes through the door. I've learnt a lot from the people around me, all of the guys in the Fabrication workshop have been very helpful and each have taught me unique skills. I'm very grateful for this opportunity; it has been very rewarding and I look forward to hopefully continuing my time here".

Contatore Engineering Sean

“Developing and investing in Apprentices has always been such an important part of our business. Watching an Apprentice come into our workshop and then seeing them over the four years of their apprenticeship develop their skills and carve a pathway for themselves in terms of specializing in a certain field or task is definitely the most rewarding aspect. Having Apprentices in our business also gives us an opportunity not only to look at ways of how we can improve our processes and procedures, but more importantly it gives all Staff in our business an opportunity to assist Apprentices in their development by sharing their knowledge, skills and work experience. Our Staff definitely play a pivotal role in the development of our Apprentices by supporting them to successfully complete their Apprenticeship. As a business, our ultimate goal is that upon completion of their Apprenticeship, our Apprentices will continue to work in our business having long and rewarding careers and being part of the development of the next generation of Apprentices”, adds Claudette, our HR Representative.

We are now recruiting for Apprentices wishing to pursue a career in either “Engineering Tradesperson Mechanical

(Fitter and Machinist) or Engineering Tradesperson Mechanical (Mechanical Fitter)”. We encourage you to contact us direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in incorporating hands on experience while studying, and joining a team of highly qualified and friendly professionals.