Contatore Engineering 30 Years of Service

Ernie Contatore first brought Contatore Engineering into fruition with the vision of establishing a better life for his family and with the goal of developing and manufacturing products that were of a high quality and standard to the market.  It was this that inspired Ernie to perpetually approach work with sincerity, reliability and above all loyalty to his many valued clients.  These values have not changed since those early days.

Now in approaching a significant milestone of 30 years of business, Ernie and his team are proud of the challenges that the business has overcome not only in meeting the evolving economic market but also in keeping informed with the changing trends of technology and innovation.

The vision moving forward for Contatore Engineering is clear; our team is motivated to continue to emulate Ernie’s endless passion for the development, growth and productivity of the business with a strong emphasis on delivering a high level of customer service.

Contatore Engineering being built in 1990