Contatore Engineering End of Financial Year Barbeque

Written by Olivia Di Falco

The team at Contatore Engineering enjoyed a well-deserved barbeque last Friday; to celebrate the end of the financial year and for pushing through what has been a difficult and strange time for many these last couple of months.

As deadlines approached, we could not be more proud of our team’s dedication and positive attitude towards meeting not only our customers’ delivery expectations, but also ensuring that a high quality of output and finish was achieved.

For this year’s barbeque it was Pat, our Machine and Fitting Shop Foreman alongside Cameron our Operations Manager, who cooked up the delicious barbeque for the team. Although everyone’s appetites were quite healthy after the smell had wafted through the entire office, we were still left with enough sausages for the next few days! As one of our staff put it, “It was a pretty decent feed”.

It was great to see everyone getting involved, sharing a meal and laughter together after working so hard all year long; we are excited to take on the next financial year and whatever new challenges it may bring.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our many loyal customers for their valued business this past financial year. We wish you all happiness, prosperity and good fortune for the year ahead; stay safe, and in good health.

Contatore Engineering Team Members