Contatore Engineering's Tyre Handlers

Designed for the mining and earth moving industries, Tyre Handlers are used for the replacement of tyres on machinery. When using a Tyre Handler, the Operator has the ability to rotate, side shift and tilt the tyre to align with the machinery to complete the tyre change without having to leave the cab.

With full electric proportional controls, safety sensors and camera display on a LED interface screen, Contatore Engineering has the most exciting design on the market to suit all tyre sizes. The modern design incorporates a robust construction with minimal moving components, thus minimising weight and mechanical maintenance. We have hydraulic safety fall back arrestors and a specially designed over pressurising sensor for added safety.

At Contatore Engineering we are specialists in Tyre Handlers. Our wide range focuses on safe and efficient operations.

Here at Contatore Engineering we pride ourselves on producing quality products first time, every time.

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Contatore Engineering Tyre Handlers with Tyre in it WA