Design and Fabrication Department

Are you after a bespoke earthmoving tool to complete your project?

Here at Contatore Engineering we offer the ability to fabricate a product engineered to meet your specific requirements ensuring it is compliant to Australian standards.

Some recent examples of products that we have designed and fabricated include a Jetty Removal Tool, Scrub Rake (pictured), Rail Sweeper and Concrete Slab Lifting Tool (pictured).

The Design Team

Once we have completely understood your requirements, our design team will collaborate with various concepts taking into account safety factors and practicality, all whilst adhering to the brief given. Designs are then visualised using 3D modelling software and then presented to our clients for approval. Our experienced workshop team is then tasked to fabricate the product whilst in continual collaboration with our design team to ensure that your job is completed to specification and to a high quality standard.

At Contatore Engineering we are known for delivering high quality products.  To ensure our products match our reputation, we conduct safety and load tests to Australian Standards and to meet our client requirements to ensure every product that leaves our workshop will perform to your expectations.

Our Services

  • Coded Welding (Australian Standards)
  • FCAW, GMAW, MMAW, SAW and GTAW (TIG) welding processes available.
  • Light to Heavy Fabrication
  • Sub-arc welding
  • Electric rotating tables
  • Automatic internal bore welding
  • In-house crack testing and HB hardness testing equipment
  • 800 tonne Break Press
  • 105 tonne ‘C” Press
  • In-house profile cutting
  • In-house pressure testing
  • Drilling and tapping Horizontal Boring, milling and line boring
  • Vertical Borer
  • Centre Lathe and CNC

Why Choose Us?

Our Fabrication Team at Contatore Engineering hold a range of skills and years of experience where you can feel confident in getting your job done to the highest quality. We provide concept to completion expertise from in-house design, engineering, fabrication, delivery and installation. Our in-house testing facility will ensure that your products are durable and of high quality.

Contact us on 08 9356 2725 today to discuss a bespoke design suited to your business needs.

Scrub Rake Contatore Engineering Perth, Western Australia
Concrete Slab Lifting Tool Contatore Engineering Perth, Western Australia
Bespoke Products at Contatore Engineering Perth, Western Australia