International Women’s Day Lunch hosted by Novata Solutions

Written by Olivia Di Falco

On the 8th of March, we were lucky enough to attend Novata Solutions inaugural International Women’s Day (IWD) lunch at the newly renovated Anzac House on St Georges Terrace. After Novata Solutions Operations & Projects Director Tracy searched for an event to attend this year, she realised there were very limited events being run in Perth and so decided to plan her own.

My colleagues and I who represented Contatore Engineering can all attest that it was much more than a lunch for us. The team from Novata Solutions brought together so many inspiring women into one space, and it was an absolute joy to be able to share our stories in such a positive and liberating environment.

All attendees were gifted a thoughtfully curated goodie bag, with contributions from some fantastic women and businesses which were highlighted at the event. Most exciting however was the addition of a book in each bag, keeping within the theme of women’s empowerment.

Why we celebrate International Women’s Day

Not only is the day a time to help women continue to secure the same rights as our male counterparts, but to also recognise the progress that’s already been made by women who chose to challenge for a cause they believed in,  that is “equality”. We celebrate their achievements and the strength, determination and resilience they displayed to overcome biases. The day is a phenomenal way to get re-inspired, re-energized, and to remind ourselves the possibilities are endless.


Contatore Engineering ladies International Women's Day