Is a Crane Jib the right attachment for me?

Crane Jibs defined

Crane Jibs are ideal for lifting loads that are unsuitable for pallets, or have unique dimensions. Additionally, they are great for moving bulky objects that may be unsafe to manually lift, maneuver, or palletize. Attachments such as these are great for making the most of the machinery you have, essentially turning your forklift, telehandler or loader into a multi- purpose piece of equipment. By fully utilizing the machinery you already own, you will also save money you may have otherwise spent on hiring out or buying a crane. An advantage of acquiring a crane jib in comparison to using a crane is as there are limited moving parts they are very low maintenance and cost-efficient. Crane jibs can also be known as a material handling arm, or a lifting jib.

What we offer

Contatore Engineering offers a range of Crane Jibs that are versatile, high quality & the industry preferred method of material handling.
  • They are available in one, two and three part models. Contatore Engineering’s Crane Jib Attachments are engineer designed and certified; all material handling arms are made to comply with Australian standards AS1418.8 and AS3990.
  • Contatore Crane Jibs are made to suit client requirements and upon request Crane Jibs may be customized such as conversion to hydraulic type and/or specific tonnage lifting points.
  • All standard Jibs come with a 3 tonne swivel safety hook.
  • Working Load Limits (WLL) for standard Crane Jibs range from 1 tonne to 3 tonne capacity, however there is the option of a higher working load limit as requested (Subject to machine lifting capacity).
  • Crane jibs are secured using an OME (Original Manufacturer’s Equipment) quick hitch; our jibs are designed to suit euro style quick hitches, but we also can fabricate to suit all other types of hitch.
Where they are used

The versatility of Crane Jibs means they have a wide range of uses as long as capacity allows it. They are commonly utilized in industrial, construction, mining and agricultural settings. Some examples of different applications of Crane Jibs include moving building materials, such as concrete soak wells, farm equipment, or feed.

Understanding load capacity and how to safely use your Crane Jib attachment

By enlisting the expertise of the experienced team at Contatore Engineering, we will ensure your Crane jib attachment is suitable and safe for use with your chosen machinery. If you obtain an incorrect attachment that is incompatible with your machine, there is a substantial risk of causing damage to your equipment, or worse, personnel. The working load limit (WLL) of the Crane Jib should coincide with specified load charts for the selected machinery. All quality and compliant machinery will have a lift rating; it is essential this is checked and the user is aware of what the maximum lifting capacity is. This will mitigate the risk of the forklift or machinery tipping. As with any use of machinery and attachments, it is also important to assess for any standard wear. This can include the fork arms; if they are bent or damaged they may be hazardous if using a forklift, and the hook and shackles for any damage.

Contatore Engineering strives to deliver products tailored to our customer’s unique and precise needs. This is why we offer the option to customize across the board on many of our products. Contact our knowledgeable team today for professional advice, service and to get you sorted with your next piece of equipment!
Crane Jib in action at Contatore Engineering
Contatore Engineering Crane Jibs
Crane Jib at Contatore Engineering