Mining Industry Recap


Australia, especially Western Australia, continues to contribute to the world’s most diverse and plentiful mineral and energy reserves. The mining industry has always played a significant part within the West Australian economy, supporting both small and large businesses that continue to supply, distribute, and manage the industries earthmoving equipment and other supplies.

Outcomes 2019-2020

Western Australia’s Resource Sector, specifically mineral mining accounted for 78% of all sales between 2019 & 2020. Of this percentage, 77% was due to Iron Ore sales, thus reinforcing its position as WA’s most lucrative article of trade. The commodity also broke its monthly record in December 2020, coming in at a staggering 12.6 billion, after its export value rose 21.1%. According to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety, the Iron Ore Sector recorded an increase of 26% on sales achieved from the previous year. Restrictions due to Covid-19, and social distancing measures meant employment numbers experienced lows, mostly correlating with cuts to spending at the peak of Western Australia’s brush with Covid-19, but experienced growth overall. Comprehensive covid-19 testing and relocating of staff meant the state managed to not only continue operations as usual, but to thrive and outperform predictions made by the treasury.


Although the mining sector took a hit due to the pandemic, especially impacting changes to workforce both on and off-site, the industry has continued to grow. Australia continues to experience high demand across Asia, thanks to the development of new markets and continued growth in China. This demand from China also continues to be the driving force behind booming iron ore prices.1.17 billion tonnes of Australia’s world class Iron ore was imported by China last year, breaking their 2017 record of 1.075 billion tonnes. The resources sector remains a key contributor to exports, government revenue and employment; also boosting investment, with an increase from 17 billion in 2018-19 to 19 billion in 2019-20. As stated by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, “this represents the first year-on-year increase in mining and petroleum investment in WA since the peak of the iron ore and LNG investment boom in 2012-13”.

About Contatore Engineering

For over 30 years, Contatore Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of earthmoving equipment for purchase, hire and also repairs. Contatore Engineering commonly supplies the following equipment to the mining industry. This includes:

  • Tyre Handlers - Our Series II Tyre Handler is one of our most exciting designs yet! After listening to our client’s feedback, the Series II Tyre Handler is fully equipped with new safety functions including a safety switch activation, hydraulic features, electric joystick controls and hydraulic tyre arrestor arms. A well-known mining services company recently gave us this testimonial;

    “Working with a local engineering company that works with their customers and end users of their products to evolve and fine tune the end result for safety and operational effectiveness. Great working with you Ernie Contatore and team to further enhance and develop on our fleet of Contatore 3T, 4T and 10T tyre handlers with new 6T tyre handlers coming online soon.”

  • Rock Breakers – Partnered with Socomec we offer a light to medium range, and a medium to heavy range of rock breakers. We can provide breakers to suit 0.7 tonne excavator machines up to 100 tonne excavator machines. Socomec recently implemented new technology within their breakers to result in all breakers of up to 47 tonne capacity being equipped with the revolutionary Monoblock design without tie rods; a main point of difference between Socomec and other rock breaking equipment companies.

    Contatore Engineering provides trusted after sales service, technical advice, and a comprehensive range of spare parts to suit Socomec breakers. With a team of qualified fitters on hand, should you require any servicing we can guarantee quick repairs and minimal downtime. Additionally, our workshop is equipped with a 30t excavator that specifically tests Rock Breakers. Socomec continues to demonstrate constant innovation in the field and applies patented technical solutions; they are unmatched in their reliability and productivity.

  • Buckets – Our buckets are designed and manufactured right here in WA. This allows us to watch over the manufacturing process to ensure the same high quality result every time. Backed by over 30 years of innovation and experience, our buckets are the only choice for the tough Australian mining conditions. Contatore Engineering’s Buckets are preferred by operator’s Australia-wide due to their dynamic design which allows them to move through the earth with minimal resistance, getting jobs done quickly and in the most efficient way. Our facilities allow us to manufacture buckets up to 20 tonnes in weight to suit large loaders.

    Why Contatore Engineering are the preferred suppliers

Our highly knowledgeable team will carry out expert repairs and have your earthmoving equipment back up and running in no time.

  • Our highly knowledgeable team will carry out expert repairs and have your earthmoving equipment back up and running in no time.
  • Quality equipment built in Western Australia using high-grade materials.
  • Can build equipment specialised to your individual needs, we will always accommodate specific requests where possible. We are known for actively taking on customer feedback to deliver the best equipment we can.

At Contatore Engineering we strive to deliver products tailored to our customer’s requirements. Contact our experienced team today for professional advice, services and delivery of equipment.