Our Rail Sweeper is ahead of the track.

Contatore Engineering was eager to take on the challenge of designing a bespoke rail sweeper when approached by Clark Equipment earlier this year; perfecting the design after on site feedback was received and going on to manufacture a further two for the client.

By Olivia Di Falco

Contatore Engineering’s new Rail Sweeper is a robust engineered design that can be fitted to most small earthmoving vehicles. It is a modular design with the potential to fit different types or sized brush heads. The brush head angle can be adjusted manually up to 30 degrees and the entire brush head can be moved laterally up to 1.2 meters whilst in motion to reach difficult to access areas of the rail tracks.

Contatore’s Lead Designer and Engineer of the Rail Sweeper project, Rod, notes,

“The rail sweeper was developed specifically to the customer’s requirements from concept, through manufacturing to completion and testing.”

“The ability to have the project developed and manufactured at the Contatore Engineering facility in Welshpool whilst collaborating with our client was a massive advantage during prototyping.”
Contatore Engineering rail sweeper
The set up at Contatore Engineering enables in house testing, hydraulic pressure testing, repairs, maintenance and design all from within the Perth workshop; a feature that sets them apart from many other earthmoving and mining equipment suppliers in the area. It allows the team to liaise locally with clients; who are also able to visit the factory to see their project being built in real time.

The customer trialed the sweeper on-site for 3 months in aggressive environmental conditions and returned it for feedback and minor improvements including maintenance access and hose storage. It’s a testament to the flexibility of the design team at Contatore Engineering, who were eager to deliver on the necessary modifications requested by their client, Clark Equipment. Contatore then went on to manufacture another two Rail Sweepers for Clark Equipment.

Rod adds “We simplified the design to suit the application, which greatly reduces the chances of encountering mechanical problems or complex servicing needs. We focus on exactly what the machine will be used for, and try to design as practically as possible for the easiest usage. In this case, we knew the Rail Sweeper would be coming into contact with a lot of dust, dirt and stones, so every part needed to be simple enough that you could take it off and check or clean it easily”.

This approach to design, manufacturing and repairs has cemented Contatore Engineering as leaders in hydraulic equipment in Perth, specialized mining equipment in Perth, and earthmoving equipment in Perth.

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Contatore Engineering's Rail Sweeper in Action