Our top 5 best practices when it comes to using your Tyre Handlers

Working alongside any form of earthmoving equipment can be dangerous and pose its own set of risks. However, when provided with the right training and best practices, an individual’s risk is greatly reduced while working with large machinery such as a Tyre handler.

The Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce work safe outlines a three-step approach to mitigate and control any manual handling risks, when operating heavy machinery. This includes:

  • Identify – This refers to identifying all associated hazards and risks with the manual handling of equipment.
  • Assess – Referring to the checks required prior to operating the machinery and assessing any current and/or arising risks.
  • Decide – After identifying and assessing any arising and/or potential risks, strategies and implement any appropriate control measures.

Definition of a Tyre Handler

Tyre handlers perform a fairly straightforward task- that is, to handle large tyres, usually when tyres need to be repaired or replaced on large earthmoving equipment.

However, the design of a tyre handler is robust, complex and needs to be up to the highest standard, as this attachment may hold weights of over 3000 kilos and handle tyres over 3 meters long in diameter.

Tyre handlers are a specialised piece of equipment commonly used in the mining industry, to make handling tyres more efficient and much safer for operators. They can also be known as a Tyre Manipulator, Tyre Clamp or Tyre Grab.

Best Practices

  1. Ensure your tyre handler is fit for purpose.
  2. Define the load limit of your tyre handler.
  3. Follow Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) guidelines.
  4. Establish regular inspections, including non-destructive tests of welded attachments.
  5. Review tyre handler operating procedure and requirements to ensure:
    1. Employees can recognise hazards.
    2. Are competent to undertake assigned tasks safely.

Contatore Engineering’s Difference

Our company has been a leading manufacturer of earthmoving equipment and purchase for over 30 years, one of our most commonly supplied equipment to the mining industry being our Tyre Handlers. After a recent survey and listening to our customer’s requirements our new Tyre Handlers are fully equipped with;

  • Safety switch activation
  • Hydraulic features
  • Camera and work light
  • Audio/visual motion and failure alarm
  • Tyre fall back arrestor
  • Hinged covers over all hydraulics
  • Continuous pad rotation
  • Grip pads with outer rubber ring for rim holding capability
  • Grip pad rotation lock
  • Pad Guards
  • Body Roll +/-30° (60°) rotation
  • Side Shift Assembly +/- 100mm (200mm)
  • Drive arm
  • Over pressure sensor
  • Auto retract reel on both arms for hose management
  • Electric proportional joystick controls
  • Clamping capacity – For example the 6T Tyre Handler opens to 4200mm and closes to 1000mm

At Contatore Engineering we deliver Tyre Handlers tailored to our customer’s unique requirements, while always striving to make operations as simple and safe as possible. Contact our experienced team today for professional advice, services, and delivery of equipment.