Pink Bucket Gets the Breast Reaction

Contatore Engineering Pink Bucket
(Pictured: Angelko, Steve, John, Beau and Lindsay (Komatsu) with the WA 500-7 Pink Rock Bucket)

Written by Olivia Di Falco

Late last year, Komatsu approached us for their usual order, a Komatsu WA 500-7 Rock Bucket. However, there was an unusual request. This bucket was to be painted in the brightest and boldest colour pink we could find; specifically, something that would give Frenchy, who played the pink-haired, beauty school dropout in Grease a run for her money.

Komatsu approached us on behalf of their customer, Mark at Axis Mineral Services – Crushing Contractors, who was having the bucket built in support of his sister in law who underwent a double mastectomy as a result of breast cancer at the age of 43. Fortunately, she is in remission now, and will be turning 50 in June. In a show of solidarity and support, Contatore Engineering, Komatsu and Axis Mineral Services have all backed the cause by donating to Breast Cancer Care WA and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Beau, our Production Manager who supervised the pink bucket operation noted, “We are so glad we got to be a part of such a meaningful project. We make buckets day in and day out, but this one really did make us stop and think, what else could we be doing to help? So we have to give our biggest thanks to Komatsu and Axis Mineral Services for giving us such a great opportunity to get involved and spread awareness in our own work place”.

Breast Cancer Care WA (BCWA) has been providing financial support, counselling and specialist breast care nursing to women and men within the WA community affected by breast cancer since 2000. These services are free, and rely on the generosity and support of the public, as they do not receive any government funding. All money raised in WA, also stays in WA; last year alone BCWA supported 1,041 West Australian families. Contatore Engineering encourages our customers, suppliers, friends and families to spread the love to our WA community and also show their support via the links below.

Through Bisley Work Wear, we were also able to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) by purchasing their Hi Vis Pink Shirt range for the GoPink campaign, of which $3 from each shirt is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation uses money raised to identify, fund and champion world-class research.  It is this research that will lead to better treatment outcomes, the ability to detect tumours earlier and save lives.  Since the beginning of the NBCF in 1994, breast cancer survival rates have increased from 76% to 91%, and over its existence, $181 million has been raised through fundraising, partnerships and donations; enabling the funding of 557 remarkable research projects.

Now-  if the possibility of strutting through the workshop looking like a feisty flamingo; while also being able to contribute to an astonishing foundation at the same time doesn’t get you on the phone to order a shirt this instant, well, we just don’t know what will.

Once again, we commend Axis Mineral Services and Komatsu for their initiative, and for bringing attention to an amazing cause. Contatore Engineering is appreciative to these two companies for allowing us to band together and use our working relationships to give back to the fantastic community with which we work in.

It must be made clear that the work of Breast Cancer Care WA, the NBCF and our community is nowhere near done.  While they have made leaps and bounds in progress for people affected by breast cancer, unfortunately 8 Australians will still die from breast cancer every single day. The goal is to make zero deaths from breast cancer a reality by 2030. Contatore Engineering pledges to get involved with fundraising efforts in the future and continue to spread awareness.

If you think the addition of a pink bucket might just be what your work place needs… we are here to help!

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