Are you starting a new venture in the industry? Have you recently started looking to take on bigger projects outside of your usual expertise? Looking to repair tired or faulty equipment without having to delay your current job? Our earth moving equipment hiring service may be the cost-effective answer you’ve been searching for!

Equipment hire is a great option for saving money and ensuring you are getting the best tools for the job at hand, with our experts close by to advise your choice according to your requirements. At Contatore Engineering, we know growth and progress in the earth moving industry can call for expensive investments. That’s why we offer our fully serviced, top-of-the-range equipment for hire. Still, need some convincing? These are some of the many ways that renting equipment can help you save time and money across the board:

Paying for a specific time

Budgeting for a project is made easier when you know what the expenses will be ahead of time. Using our rental equipment, if you know how long your project will take, you know how much the equipment will cost to use. We offer a flexible period attachment hire means you can hire equipment for as long or short as you need. Hiring a piece of bulky equipment like an excavator or rock breaker for a specific amount of time means that not only do you save money by not having to buy a brand-new machine, but you don’t have to stress about the cost of storing it or maintaining it over time as you would for your own gear.

Avoid Wait Times

Why pay out of pocket for equipment that you can’t use straight away? Supply and demand chains across many industries are under incredible strain. Heavy machinery is no exception to this. Wait times for the right resources to manufacture equipment can extend from weeks to months, meaning you could be missing deadlines or turning down jobs in this time. Renting means you can work immediately with reliable equipment.

Different tools for different jobs

For start-ups or small businesses, making the wrong investment can be devastating. Imagine buying a new piece of equipment only to be booked for a series of jobs that don’t require it. You could be paying to maintain a machine that doesn’t move for weeks to months when all along you could have saved for longer. Rental services mean that even before you are positive you are ready to invest, you can still do all sorts of jobs with our high-quality equipment. It gives you freedom from stress and financial burden while you explore your options.

Expert Support

Do you know how much you can save when you don’t have to pay for repairs or maintenance? We love our equipment! So, we always want it to be in the best working condition possible. On top of covering servicing, insurance and maintenance, our expert team can also ensure that you have the best equipment for the job. Another way of avoiding costly frustration on work sites is having the best-suited machines to get your work completed efficiently and to a high standard. Can you be certain your current equipment will be the best option for the next site you need to clear?

Our diverse range of rental equipment is ready when you are. We offer different multi-function buckets, hydraulic attachments, specialised rock breakers and many other options to give you the power to tackle any job. No matter what you are looking for, how long you want it for or even if you just want to explore your options, our team can help set you up with the best quality service and equipment in the industry. Get in touch with us today via our Contact page!