Written by Olivia Di Falco



Kam has been with Contatore Engineering for almost 25 years, his dedication to his work unquestionable, and his workmanship of the highest standard. A highly spiritual man, Kam puts his relationship with the business and the longevity of his time here down to fate.

We chose Kam to feature in our “Staff Profiles – Meet the team” posts, as we wanted to give our clients an insight into some of the great employees we have here at CE.

What’s one skill you are currently working on? “I like to challenge myself, and I am constantly trying to improve my welding skills. I have been welding for a very long time, but I still try to do better and compete against my previous workmanship”.

Where is your favourite place to eat at in Perth? At Home! Home cooking will always be the best. I especially enjoy traditional chicken and rice, but my favourite western food is rump steak or bacon and eggs”.

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?I love to ride my bike as it helps me to keep fit and active. I enjoy riding around Willetton, Riverside drive and on the city bridges. I enjoy using my iPad to watch cycling overseas, such as the Tour de France!” Kam also practises Buddhism every day in a special room in his home, and believes that there is “No I, No him, No me”, and that we must all work together to achieve a common goal. This belief has helped him become an exceptional team member with infinite wisdom, and a great person to have around day in and day out.

Kam and his family
Kam Wong employee at Contatore Engineering
Kam Welding at Contatore Engineering