We explain who and what is Socomec?

By now, you are all familiar with the brand “Socomec” but who exactly are Socomec and how did they become a part of the Contatore Engineering product range?.

Founded in 1973, Socomec is the first-born Italian manufacturer of hydraulic hammers. Socomec are based in the beautiful city of Parma, which is located in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. The city of Parma is famous for not only their architecture, music and art, but more predominately for Parma ham (prosciutto) and parmesan cheese.

Socomec’s constant quest for innovation has allowed them as a business to expand over the years the types of products that they manufacture.

In 2004, Contatore Engineering became the exclusive Australian Distributor for the Socomec range. The General Manager of Socomec, Mr Lauro Riani along with other Representatives from the Socomec team visited our premises where they were impressed with not only our facilities, but during that visit, it was also clearly evident of the commercial potential in what both parties could achieve in working together. Over the years, Lauro and Ernie have developed not only an excellent working relationship, but also a great friendship. It has to be said that it doesn’t hurt that Ernie speaks fluent Italian which has always been an added bonus!

Ernie Contatore has always seen the potential in the Socomec range. Ernie states “Quality of product has always and continues to be the most important aspect to me. It is essential that if I recommend a product and put my company name alongside it, that I believe in it”. Ernie continues with “The added bonus that as a business we can also supply our Customers with a large range of quality Spare parts and after sales service and repairs has definitely been an added bonus not only for our business, but also our Customers.”

Over the years the quality and durability of the Socomec product range continues to improve with the new technology that comes into the market. For over 15 years now, the Socomec product range at Contatore Engineering continues to be a growing part of our business not only in new Sales but also with our Hire service
Socomec premises
Ernie and Socomec Team