We supply, repair and maintain the earthmoving equipment that is so integral to your industry work.

Whether you work in the mining industry or the earthmoving industry, you can rely on Contatore Engineering for quality engineering and manufacturing services. When you choose us as your supplier and manufacturer, we use our expertise to help you get the job done.

Our Services include No Hidden Costs, In-House Testing Facilities, In-House Pressure Testing, and In-House Design and Engineer.

In House Testing Facility

Our highly equipped premises feature the latest modern testing equipment which allows us to complete comprehensive testing for your equipment.

No Hidden Costs

Prior to starting your job, our Team will complete an all-inclusive strip and inspection with a detailed quote so that there are no unexpected surprises upon completion.

In House Hydraulic Pressure Testing

We are trusted specialists when it comes to in-house pressure testing. Our workshop is equipped with two test benches that can test extended cylinders of up to 25 meters.

Repairs and Maintenance

Good regular repairs and maintenance on your equipment can help keep the costs down. From repairs of mechanical and hydraulic equipment to repairs of rock breakers our Team specialises in doing those jobs that others don’t want to do.

Repairs & Maintenance

Rely on us for quality repairs or maintenance. Good regular repairs and maintenance on your equipment can help keep the costs down. From repairs of mechanical and hydraulic equipment to repairs of rock breakers our team specializes in doing those jobs that others don’t want to do. Our workshop features the latest equipment which allows us to complete comprehensive and rigorous testing. Additionally, the earthmoving equipment you acquire will come with invaluable help and support from our team.
Repairs and maintenance at Contatore Engineering Australia

Engineering & Design

Over the past 30 years, Contatore Engineering has refined and developed the engineering, drafting and design process of our business to offer our clients the most innovative, advanced and safe designs. This extensive experience has allowed us to merge the core principles of quality engineering and drafting with the advancements in design technology.

We accommodate all types of work, from large scale projects to minor jobs. Our main priority is to work with our client to achieve their vision in the best way possible, no matter what size project it is, to provide superior customisable solutions.

Our design team use 2D and 3D CAD modelling, and offer in house Finite Element Analysis, which is checked by a third party. If required we can also supply our clients with operating manuals and a parts list.

Engineering and design at Contatore Engineering Australia

Certified Crane Repairs

If you need expert crane repairs, you are in the right place. Our straightening, repair, and crane boom restoration services are all fully certified, assuring you of the highest levels of safety and serviceability. Our team is the lift, extension, and multi-stage cylinder specialists in the Perth area, call us first before you commit elsewhere. 

Certified crane repairs at Contatore Engineering Australia

Rockbreaker Hammer Repairs

With a number of qualified fitters on hand, should you require any servicing we can guarantee quick repairs and minimal downtime. We are experienced in servicing all brands, including having a 30t excavator that specifically tests Rock Breakers.

Rockbreaker Hammer Repairs at Contatore Engineering Australia

Fitting / Hydraulics

We provide manufacturing, maintenance and repair services for earthmoving, hydraulic and other machinery equipment. For our customers convenience we have a wide range of state-of-the-art resources at our disposal. Services include pressure testing and cylinder reports; see our capabilities page for more information.
Fitting hydraulics at Contatore Engineering Australia


Our fitters and machinists are highly qualified and skilled; many have been with us for 10-25 years. We love a challenge and we have experience machining a wide variety of work. Contatore Engineering is a top mining equipment supplier in Perth and Australia. For more details see our capabilities page, or give us a call!
Maching at Contatore Engineering Australia

Drilling / Tapping / Boring

Here is a brief overview of some of our offerings in regards to drilling, tapping and boring; for more information on how we can assist you, get in touch with us via our “Get in Contact Form”.

  • Drilling up to 80mm diameter.
  • Tapping up to M42 size.
  • Spark eroding up to 20mm diameter


  • Up to 1225mm x 1530mm table.
  • Facing head attachment.
  • Milling facility.
  • Line boring up to 2 metres


  • Up to 2134mm diameter capacity.
  • Chuck diameter 1830mm.
  • 1300mm height.
  • Jobs up to 10 tonne capacity.
  • Digital readouts
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Drilling at Contatore Engineering Australia

Cutting & Welding

Our highly experienced, qualified staff are proficient with various welding practices and techniques which allows us to carry out a diverse range of work and tasks to suit our client’s needs.

  • Coded welding (Australian standards)
  • FCAW, GMAW, MMAW, SAW & GTAW (TIG) welding processes available.
  • Light to heavy fabrication.
  • Sub-arc welding.
  • Electric rotating tables.
  • Automatic internal bore welding.
  • In-house crack testing and HB hardness testing equipment.
  • 800 tonne break press.
  • 105 tonne “C” press.
  • In-house profile cutting up to 200mm thick.

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Cutting and welding Australia

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