Investing in Quality

Do you trust the equipment you use?

For over 30 years, Contatore Engineering have provided customers with top quality service and earth moving equipment that our customers can rely on. With a focus on long-lasting equipment and relationships, we specialise in producing quality products first time, every time. Since its conception in 1990, our Australian-owned and -operated business has valued honest business ethics and quality in service and products above all else.

Over the years, it has committed to partnerships with companies that share these core values and strive to uphold the highest standards in every area of their business. Those who work with heavy machinery know the load of work their equipment is required to maintain. We at Contatore and the partners that have been carefully selected know the value of excellent equipment and know how to ensure that equipment lasts.

To do our part to protect customers and staff from inferior products, Contatore implements regular checks for equipment integrity in every aspect of our business. We also recommend and provide servicing for the machinery that is purchased to ensure it always operates at its highest functionality. A well-maintained machine will be less likely to breakdown, will reduce repair costs and mitigate risk of operator injury. The importance of our customers’ safety and peace of mind is paramount. At Contatore, we pride ourselves on building equipment, customer relationships and partnerships that last.


Contatore Engineering partnered with Socomec to be the sole distributors of their top-of-the-range rock breakers in Australia. Socomec has a century of experience in developing innovative technological solutions. To make it to 100 years of active business, they have developed a strong Code of Conduct that prioritises a sense of responsibility, commitment, and openness to consolidate a trusting relationship between them, their customers and all their partners and other stakeholders. The rock breakers that Contatore distributes are therefore developed with the utmost care and rigorous testing as part of the commitment to integrity. The focus on honesty and customer service shared in this partnership reinforces our drive to set the benchmark of ethical business practices in the Australian engineering industry.


Since 2016, Contatore Engineering has proudly been the sole distributor of Cangini Benne’s range of mini excavator buckets in Australia. In the same year of this partnership’s beginning, Cangini was awarded a Mention of Honour for Safety as a part of the 22nd Samoter Innovation Awards – a credit to their prioritisation of safety and durability of the products they develop. Without compromising on excellence, Cangini have fine-tuned their processes since 1989 to provide high-quality, innovative equipment to clients and partners. Read more here about this partnership and why it began, its importance in providing more to our clients and what makes Cangini such a natural fit for Contatore.