Contatore Engineering are distributors for Socomec Australia wide and in New Zealand


The light to medium range of Socomec Rockbreakers is an ideal attachment for a wide range of stand/ride-on machines. The versatility of the range makes them highly useful in areas where access of larger machines may be restricted, or where operating space is at a premium.


If you intend to get serious about some heavy-duty rock breaking, you are going to need the Socomec heavy-duty range of Rockbreakers. Here at Contatore Engineering we stock a wide range of these durable and powerful units for sale or hire, to suit your specific requirements.

Heavy-duty breakers with energy recovery valve

The Socomec medium-heavy range is represented by the MDO series with energy recovery system, a range from 1200 to 6000kg able to supply energy for stroke from 2500 to 12000J and to be fitted on excavators 15 to 90t.

Launched in 1975, the MDO medium-heavy range has been constantly updated by applying new patented technical solutions and new models. This range of super-breakers is ideal for Socomec, a well-established reality, appreciated for its reliability, productivity and performances.


An innovative, low noise technology, high performant in the demolition of materials of medium-low hardness (coffee, rock, limestone, sandstone), surpassing in productivity, by such materials, the hammers of the same class. The extremely simple structure and compact design minimizes the likelihood of maintenance operations, while the only part of wear, the tip of the tooth, is easily replaceable.


Ideal to clean stony ground, clean beaches, seperate and select materials resulting from demolition or excavation and re-use them reducing cost of both disposal and acquisition.


Produce a large working force that allows to compact effectively in depth soil, excavations and steep slopes.


Extremely versatile, ideal for demolition of non-reinforced concrete, for the recycling field and the selecting and movement of materials from demolition.


Contatore Engineering offer a range of Rock breakers for sale or hire.
The Socomec Rock breaker range is available for small to medium excavators in the DMS series and medium to heavy excavators in the MDO series.
The latest addition to the MDO heavy series family, the “MDO-6000-TS”.

The MDO series of Breakers have a new self-locking system for the tie rods, which gives them more elasticity, resistance and life-time. This heavy weight MDO breaker series shares together with the light weight DMS breaker range the exclusive advantage to be able to remove the piston and the bushes without having to loosen the tie rods. The piston has been subjected to long testing / studies, and is equipped with a strong hydraulic brake able to avoid harmful blank firing of the breaker. The metal case of the heavy weight class breaker range is built in high resistant steel, along with side guides in the lower part of the breaker and an innovative upper rubber pad which totally eliminates vibrations to the excavator boom. For underwater or tunnelling applications it is possible to pressurize the stroke chamber. A new  special dust proof protection on the lower part of the piston has been positioned.

In conjunction with Contatore Engineering’s commitment to serviceability and parts availability, the total experience of acquiring a Socomec breaker will be a profitable and reliable one.

All Socomec breakers have a hydraulic braking system, which helps to eliminate blank strokes.

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