Gone are the days of hand and back injuries from having to manually adjust and push around fork tynes.

Hydraulic sequence tyne movement in Contatore Engineering Euro and Fusion Hydraulic Forks eliminates the need for the operator to leave the cab, or manually set the tyne width.

Contatore Forks feature specifically designed hydraulic manifold, including flow divider, for tynes sequencing and speed control.

Manufactured here in Perth, WA, with a quality robust construction, certified to Australian standards and engineers certification, plus competitive pricing, why would you go anywhere else?

We have a range of popular carriage widths and lengths available, however if you have a unique machine we can make custom forks to suit.

Hydraulic forks are the future; they are economical to use and much safer for operators. This is proven by the fact that the use of manual forks have now been restricted by many major mining companies.

Talk to our experts today to discuss hydraulic fork options for your next project.

Hydraulic Forks (Fusion)

Hydraulic Forks (Euro)


Contatore Engineering manufactures a superior Fork Slipper.

Custom made to suit your requirements, also advising on the maximum length available depending on the parent fork arm the slipper is to be used.

Contatore Engineering Fork Slippers are fabricated using steel plate.


The Clamp Forks (Fork frame with hydraulic top clamps) serves to assist in the handling of pipes and tube by steadying the materials against the fork arms thus giving stability to materials being handled, mitigating the risk of unplanned lost of materials and injury to personnel.


Contatore Engineering’s Brick Forks are secure, versatile & the preferred method of
handling brick packs. The functions of the Brick Forks is controlled from within the loader cabin.

  • 2 tonne Working Load Limit (WLL) capacity.
  • Modern design with quality robust construction.
  • Independent hydraulic movement of brick fork tynes to accommodate different pack combinations.
  • Tynes are designed to split brick packs (Pack splitters).
  • Specialised bushing for long life wear without any need for greasing the load bars.
  • The Brick Forks are made to crowd forward 90° to ground level for compact loading onto transport truck / trailer.

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